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BIO Magazine - Moral Development and Decision-Making Δεκέμβριος 2015
Δεκέμβριος 2015 No38

BIO Ethics

Moral Development and Decision-Making
Moral Development and Decision-Making

Whether the central goal of moral education in your classroom is that of making students aware of the significant ethical issues in your field, empowering them to make better and more effective ethical decisions as professionals, or making them morally better people, some awareness of the general processes of moral development and ethical decision-making is helpful.

Although the articles in this section have been roughly divided into those that focus on either moral development or ethical decision-making, some of these articles cut across both themes.  Some of the topics addressed here include:

  • General and field-specific models of ethical decision-making.  Some of these are descriptive – they explain the ethical decision-making process actually used to engage ethical issues.  Others are normative – they prescribe good ways to make ethical decisions.
  • Discussions of obstacles to good ethical decision-making and ways of overcoming them.
  • How ethical decisions (or decisions bearing on moral issues or outcomes) are made within organizations, or on how organizations impact the ethical decision-making of individuals.
  • Theories of moral development, metrics for measuring moral maturity and assessment tools that utilize these metrics.
  • The relation between moral rules and other types of rules (e.g. religious, institutional, prudential)

Some of the materials here have been synthesized and expanded upon by Dr. Shlomo Sher of the Levan Institute.  You can find these in the "Teaching Ethics" section of this website:


The PLUS Decision-Making Model (The Ethics Resource Center)

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Ethics and Moral Judgment – The EPQ
Jepson School of Leadership Studies


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