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BIO Magazine - Greening Malaysia with camphor trees Δεκέμβριος 2015
Δεκέμβριος 2015 No38

BIO Environment

Greening Malaysia with camphor trees
Greening Malaysia with camphor trees

KUALA LUMPUR: THE management and employees of BMW Group Malaysia recently took time off from the office to visit and plant 200 trees at the Botanical Gardens of FRIM in Kepong, here. The activity was part of the premium carmaker's year-end staff activity to cap another successful year.

Dr Gerhard Pils, BMW Group Malaysia's chief executive officer, said: "The BMW Group is no stranger to helping the environment. In fact, we are the leaders in the creation of vehicles that are ecologically friendly and responsible. The strategy that has been driving this is BMW EfficientDynamics which has led us to develop solutions as well as practices that result in meaningful and practical benefits to users as well as the environment. The tree-planting activity is an extension of our efforts with BMW EfficientDynamics and displays how committed we are to this strategy."

He added that as a responsible corporate citizen as well as the most sustainable car company in the world, the BMW Group has been at the forefront of innovation for the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions in its performance enhanced vehicles and tree planting is only part of their corporate social responsibility to give back.

"Moving further up the sustainability chain, the improvements courtesy of BMW EfficientDynamics for our environment has been a catalyst of our remarkable success as a premium automaker and we are determined to work to achieve an even higher benchmark in sustainability, efficiency and driving dynamism for our cars," said Dr Pils.

The tree-planting initiative by BMW Group Malaysia saw the organisation plant 200 camphor trees, known to be a perfect shade as well as a major carbon offset solution. The new trees will also raise the bio-diversity index in the area and provide new habitats for many different animal species.

Besides physically restoring the environment, BMW Group Malaysia has also been at the forefront of introducing simple solutions that contribute towards energy efficiency and an environmentally-sustainable lifestyle. Last June, the premium carmaker introduced the BMW Eco Pro screensaver, a special screensaver which operates on the same principles as BMW's innovative Auto Start/Stop function, assisting Windows and Mac users in saving up to 89.87 per cent of the energy or approximately 693.99 watts from their notebooks and laptops when idle.

"Simple technologies, solutions and best practices such as these have led us at BMW to be named and awarded titles such as Greenest Car Company in the World as well as Most Sustainable Automaker by independent parties and evaluators. While these awards are remarkable merits to our name, there is still much to do in the areas of energy efficiency and sustainability in the auto industry," said Dr Pils.

The BMW Group, he said, has been ranked the number one automotive company in the world for its commitment to sustainability. The premium automotive company has been named most sustainable automobile manufacturer in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last eight consecutive years; listed more than 10 years in FTSE4Good, one of the most highly-regarded indices for sustainable practices; achieved first placing and the Top Automotive brand in the Carbon Disclosure Project Global 500 Ranking; named the Fleet Manufacturer of the Year at the Green Fleet Awards 2012 and awarded the Most Sustainable DAX company in the Sustainalytics Sustainability rating.

In Malaysia, BMW's efficient dynamics strategy has led the premium automaker to introduce its fleet of BMW Advanced Diesel and BMW ActiveHybrid vehicles in the country


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