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BIO Magazine - Aghoris - Man Eaters , Cannibals of Varanasi, India Δεκέμβριος 2015
Δεκέμβριος 2015 No38

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Aghoris - Man Eaters , Cannibals of Varanasi, India
Aghoris - Man Eaters , Cannibals of Varanasi, India

I’m not writing this hub to hurt anyone who belongs to the particular religion or make any offense against these spiritual activities, rituals or any other. But I just want to share some information about a group of sadhus who engaged themselves in cannibalism.

When I was in India, I met a friend who did some researches about Aghoris for their graduation project. I was really shocked to hear all her researching experiences. I’m sharing a few of that information here.

Who are Aghoris?

Aghori is a Hindu sect which is believed as a part of Kapalika (a group worshiped Lord Shiva in his extreme form) and Kalamukhas (Black faces). They live in South Asia mainly in Varanasi and Kashi, India.

According to Hindu beliefs Lord Shiva is the one who destroys the bad deeds and people who engaged in bad deeds. To complete this duty, he turns to another form as Lord Bhairava. He wears nothing but the ash of the burnt dead bodies.

Aghoris believe themselves as a part of Lord Shiva. Most of the Aghoris don’t wear anything other than ash. Some wear only a small piece of cloth around the hip just to cover their private part and garland of skulls. Also they use the skull as begging-bowl.

Many Hindus condemn them as non-Hindu because of their peculiar rituals and activities. What Aghoris actually do, for them to condemn?


Hindus believes that the soul of a dead person will rest in peace if they burn their bodies. So they used to take the bodies near Ganga River and burn it there as it is called as holy River which washes off all the sins. Most of the Hindus bring the ashes of the dead bodies from all around the world to do the rituals for "Moksha". When they burn the bodies, sometimes it floats and carries away with water.

Aghoris used to pull these half burnt bodies from water or they find the bodies from the cremation grounds and take it to their Ashramam, do some pooja and pray for that dead one’s soul. Once it is over, they used to cut the parts of the body and have it raw or cooked on open flame.

“If any of your body part tends to work against to your thoughts, destroy them”

Aghoris’ view towards life is totally different. They go in search of powers through which they can avoid the rebirth in this life. They live a free life. They don’t want to have family or kids. They don’t want to leave any mark in this world as a result of their life. The first thing they do is to make them incapable in producing a child. They smash their penises. By doing this they break the link to their next generation.

They believe that whatever you intake will not make any impact unless you give any outcome which affect this world in someway such as anger, lust and revenge. That is why they don’t feel bad about cannibalism or consuming ganja either.

Though they eat the bodies which are burnt, their bodies will not be burnt once they died. They think their body is pure, not like any other normal human. Their bodies will be sent away with Ganga River. They believe this will take them at Lord Siva.

There is a video about their cannibalism eating habit which I do not wish to publish here as it is not suitable for people who are weak in heart. If you wish to watch it, click on this link and watch it in youtube. Warning : Don't watch it if you have a weak heart.


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