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BIO Magazine - Kate Piekutovski Δεκέμβριος 2015
Δεκέμβριος 2015 No38


Kate Piekutovski
Kate Piekutovski

1. How is life as an artist in Australia?

Life as an artist in Australia is difficult, like in any country. Artists in general are often working very hard creatively and I don't believe they get the acknowledgement deserved particularly in the sales of the artwork.

The time which is put in, is often not equating to the price. Especially in such challenging economic times, the market can be very difficult to make a living. However, in saying this I have been incredibly lucky in the fact that I am only twenty three years old and have managed to survive off my income as an artist and my exhibitions. It is very rare for artists in Australia to live completely off their artwork and the average age even then, is approximately forty-five to fifty years old.

2. What is your practice?

I am a print-maker by trade and work with multi-layered etchings. I am fascinated by the history particularly of this medium. I have recently completed my Masters of Fine Art in print-making where I was exploring the history of Europe and my fascination with memory and nostalgia. I believe this technique, although some may say it is a dying art, is beautiful for its preservation of memory through mark-making.

3. Are you going to have another exhibition?

I feel I am constantly having exhibitions! I currently have both solo and group exhibitions planned in Australia as well as a group show in New York which is very exciting.

4. Who inspires you?

I have many inspirations that include people, literature, places and other artists but one of my main inspirations at the moment is the artist Marc Chagall who was originally from Russia and then moved to France. He had an incredibly interesting life and he dedicated his art to his religion, homeland and his wife, Bella.

5. What is your connection to Poland?

As my parents are both Polish and immigrated to Australia approximately 30 years ago, my practice revolves around my connection and disconnection with my heritage and Polish Homeland. I am captivated by family history and our connection to the past. I am also interested in how travelling can connect us to history and to culture. I travel quite frequently to Europe and visit my family in Poland. I also find that this travel has become a catalyst for my inspiration and artwork.

6. How your recent European tour  has influenced your personality and  work?

This trip has influenced my work and personality beyond words. I have traveled through France, Spain, Portugal and Greece the last three months and I have found it an invaluable experience. I recently had an art residency on Skopelos Island at the 'Skopelos Foundation For The Arts' which has given me  ideas for my cultural research and exploration which I hope will develop into a greater body of work for an exhibition next year. I think that traveling will always be an inherent part of my practice as an artist.

7. Due to the crisis in Greece, what advice would you give to the Greek artists that live here?

I have been in Greece a couple weeks now and have been exposed long enough to see how the crisis has had such an impact on the people here. Unfortunately, art is one of those career paths that is challenging, and although art is very important in society, the reality is, is that it is hard to make a living.

In saying this, I believe if you have the passion and determination, one has the ability to use these attributes to become a successful artist. I think if you believe in what you do and become absorbed in the art community and take all the opportunities given, there is only room for one to grow and to become know knowledgeable in their field.



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