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BIO Magazine - Market Research in the Health Care Field Δεκέμβριος 2015
Δεκέμβριος 2015 No38

BIO Market News

Market Research in the Health Care Field
Market Research in the Health Care Field
BIO-TECH SYSTEMS, INC., founded in 1980, specializes in market research and strategic planning, where technological and scientific insight is important. This focuses on emerging technologies where it is necessary to make accurate forecasts of future market demand and communicate effectively with many levels of management and end-users. One objective is to assess technological risk and target new products and services effectively in order to generate the best market response. Bio-Tech has an extensive group of clientswith interests in medical imaging, radiopharmaceuticals and radiotherapy products.

Bio-Tech focuses in five product areas with comprehensive reports that analyze market opportunities in each segment. The product areas include Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals, PET radiopharmaceuticals and PET imaging, Medical Imaging Contrast Media, Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy products, and Brachytherapy products.

The methodology utilized has been developed over 20 years in this field focusing on both researchers and clinicians in these fields as well as knowledgeable industry sources. This provides insight with respect to market trends as well as new technology entering the pipeline. Bio Tech also benefits from its large internal database that is regularly updated. As a result, the company’s forecasts are both conservative and realistic and can be used with confidence in market planning and evaluation of new business opportunities.

The company's founder, Marvin Burns, has been active in the medical industry and hospital community for over 20 years and has prepared numerous market research reports that have been widely distributed. The reports have served as a platform for assessing new ventures and business opportunities across a broad spectrum of products. Burns has also served as a consultant to many of the major pharmaceutical and medical imaging companies and venture groups in evaluating new product and market opportunities.


Report #340: THE MARKET FOR PET RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS & PET IMAGING analyzes the dynamic market for PET radiopharmaceuticals and high performance PET scanners. International market growth has been particularly encouraging as the technology becomes more widely available and distribution of FDG improves. PET MR was successfully introduced in 2010 with good response, creating a new platform for PET. Recent sales growth has raised expectations of manufacturers and encouraged investment in new products and technology. New PET radiopharmaceuticals are also on the threshold for imaging Alzheimer's which will help in evaluating new drug candidates for treating the disease New PET perfusion agents for cardiology should also emerge in 2012 based on encouraging clinical data. New PET products for oncology also show promise of expanding PET’s role in treating and managing many prevalent cancers. Therefore, the demand for PET should continue to increase creating a solid platform for future growth.

Report #290: THE U.S. MARKET FOR BRACHYTHERAPY PRODUCTSprovides a comprehensive analysis of the markets for brachytherapy products.The report discuss the prospects for prostate seed implants and the effect of competing modalities, the rapidly growing market for partial breast irradiation devices and gynecological brachytherapy, new markets for electronic brachytherapy using miniaturized x-ray technology, sales growth for irradiated microspheres for liver cancer and the large emerging brachytherapy market for treating macular degeneration. The report also examines the continuing prospects for endovascular brachytherapy, the market for brain cancer brachytherapy and other post-surgical applications amenable to brachytherapy. The report considers the trade-offs between LDR (low dose rate) and HDR (high dose rate) brachytherapy, the integration of brachytherapy with other treatment modalities and the increasing number of options available to both clinicians and patients as new technology enters the mainstream. Many new brachytherapy products have been introduced recently with rapid growth in procedure volume. There are also new products on the threshold, with introduction scheduled in the near future. This will stimulate further growth and encourage wider acceptance of brachytherapy with improved outcomes for many patients.


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