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BIO Magazine - Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst Δεκέμβριος 2015
Δεκέμβριος 2015 No38

BIO Patent

Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst
Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst

Future Science Group today announced the launch ofPharmaceutical Patent Analyst, a new bimonthly peer-reviewed title dedicated to publishing high-impact patent reviews covering the most significant recent developments in the patent literature of relevance to all areas of pharmaceutical and medical science – from chemical and biological entities of therapeutic potential, drug-delivery systems and medical devices, to inventions in the fields of bio- and nanotechnology. The journal will be an essential ‘one-stop shop’ for researchers and scientists, as well as IP specialists, legal professionals and related experts.

As one of the main drivers of innovation, in both academia and industry, patents are a rich source of technical information about the latest advances in the discovery and design of novel therapeutics and healthcare products. Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst therefore aims to make the essential content of key patents accessible in a concise and enriched format, as well as providing timely commentary and updates on current issues related to IP/patent law and practice.

The journal is supported by a multidisciplinary editorial board, comprising researchers and opinion leaders from academia and industry, along with IP specialists. The editorial board is headed by Dr Lyn Jones (Pfizer, USA) and Professor David Rotella(Montclair State University, USA), both highly regarded leaders in their respective fields.

Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst fills an important gap in literature by providing readers with concise, high-value information, enriched with expert commentary and analysis”, wrote Dr Lyn Jones and Professor David Rotella in the inaugural Foreword. “We believe that the journal will be an invaluable resource for researchers and other professionals who want to remain abreast of developments in the patent literature, while also enhancing their understanding of associated IP issues.”

Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst’s core content comprises high-impact patent reviews providing objective and concise appraisals of active and emerging areas of the patent literature, set within the context of the wider apposite R&D landscape. Articles exploring patenting trends as well as those examining new methodologies for searching the patent literature also feature. Complementing the core scientific review content of each issue are news updates, editorials, perspectives, interviews and hot topic articles presenting enlightened opinion and commentary on pressing IP issues related to the pharmaceutical patent lifecycle and to R&D more broadly.

Elisa Manzotti, Publisher at the Future Science Group, said, “We are extremely grateful to the Senior Editors and Editorial Board for bringing their specialist expertise to bear to create a substantial publication that genuinely addresses core IP issues in biomedicine and biotechnology. We have made a considerable investment and commitment in the development of this exciting new addition to our R&D portfolio, and we very much look forward to the response of the research community to the launch issue, which is now available online.”

The full content of the launch issue is free-to-access on the journal’s website: 


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